Halil Karaduman Ussak improvisation
Kenan Özten  

Kenan Özten was born in Istanbul in 07.01.1936. As he was interested in music at a very early age studied furniture making in the art school and learned the performance art from Master Ahmet Yaman. He accompanied the well known musicians of the time with his Quanun (a zither with a narrow trapezoidal soundboard) and in the 1960s he worked as a producer of music and in the meantime he never ceased his interest in music. Dedicating himself to the production of Quanun and resolving the problems about the special latches called “mandals”, he came to the most perfect and wholesome result of our day after his long endeavors and tests. He continues his practices with apprentice Zafer Kibar and assistant Baris Yesirci.

  Photo album of Kenan Özten